Sales & Marketing Support System

Let us be clear - every business needs to generate a pipeline of leads and prospects to deliver the numbers of clients that you want to build the successful business that you desire. 

That requires concerted effort and perseverance to deliver.  It's all a question of doing enough of the right things... with the application of the right skills!  There's nothing magical about marketing, despite what the "gurus" might have us believe!

We firmly believe that coaching is a relationship business and that succcesful coach marketing strategies and tactics should focus on developing and nurturing relationships so that prospects feel confident in the coach's ability to help improve their situation... whatever that might be.

As an OBCC Member you can have access to a range of marketing materials designed specifically for coaches, complemented by access to a range of sales collateral backed up with a tried and tested touch system that not only helps you secure new clients but retain them for longer than your competition. 

The resources you have access to are also hugely relevant to supporting your clients.

As a Member you will benefit from access to our comprehensive sales & marketing system that includes:

  • 52 weeks of sales and marketing e-classes
  • Over 150 hours of instructional video
  • 1000's of tools, templates and scripts that have been designed for specific industries

Everything you need in one place to assist you in building a strong and profitable business for both you as a coach and for your clients.