Coaching is the business of improving business!

Ology Coaches provide coaching services for individuals and Organisations who recognise the value of investing in themselves and their employees for greater effectiveness and improved bottom-line results.

Are you ready to be the best?

We have a winning formula that sets us apart from our competition. Behavioural Coaching helps people to reach their true potential!

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Ology Coaches are professionally trained to ICF standards, having wide experience in business and management at senior levels. Their skills and experience together provide a platform for you to grow both yourself and your business.

Behavioural Coaching Community

Business Coaching is growing in stature and becoming a must-have support intervention for both large corporate businesses and SMEs across the globe.

The only way to create a truly different outcome – to achieve extraordinary results and to reach your full potential – is to CHANGE.

To change means to change the way you behave in the key areas of your business and personal life – changing behaviour leads to different outcomes. Different behaviour can lead to success. That is the power of Behavioural Coaching.

The Ology Behavioural Coaching Community are a group of independent coaches sharing a passion and belief in the effectiveness and power of behavioural coaching as an agent of change.

OBCC members share a common Code of Ethics and are committed to professional coaching standards as espoused by the leading global coach organisation – the International Coach Federation.

For Our Clients

Are you looking to accelerate your business and personal success? Do you want to invest in yourself, your team, and business so that you are able to solve problems and be proactive in attaining your goals?

We use DISC

More than a million people every year experience and benefit from using DISC; companies are tapping into employees’ true potential and putting it to work in organisations and businesses around the world.

Which Pathway?

Our Pathways offer a series of focused coaching interventions, tailored to specific business area needs. Taking as their foundation the DISC behavioural model, each pathway targets a specific issue or need.

Find a Coach

Ology Coaches are professionally trained to ICF standards and have wide experience in business and management at senior levels. Their wealth of experience provides a platform from which they understand and relate to the challenges of today's business environment.

What People Say

Ashish Kumar

Better business & life quality!

After 5 years, despite 30% growth, we had stalled.  Jacqui helped us to see what we needed to do. (more…)

Paul and Robyn Bone

Aiming for our dreams

By helping us picture our ideal future, our dreams, we have been able to move a long way towards them thanks to our Coach. (more…)

Jon Moorhouse

Non-exec Director Role

From sole practitioner to a thriving small practice, Richard's input has been imperative to our development. (more…)

Mike Cunningham

Architectural Design Studio

I have worked with Richard for over 10 years. It is a fair statement to say that he has been a significant part of my success. (more…)

Lee Murphy
Managing Director / FACTCO

Fibre Communications

A pleasure to do business with, not frightened to tell you what you don't want to hear! (more…)

Steve Nicholls

Catalyst for Change

I hired David as a business mentor to help me make change in my business.  I'm pleased to say that as a direct result I have seen many positive changes in my business! (more…)

Jeremy Squibb

Financial Planning Team

We employed David to help our Office Manager be more effective in her key job.  The results were very positive, benefiting not just our Office Manager, but also her team. (more…)

Dominic Kiernander

Dental Care Provider

Dave has helped me tackle the complexities of business. With so much pressure and change in the industry his calm, no nonsense approach has unpicked problems into achievable bite sized pieces. (more…)

Artisan Baker

"When I was involved in the TV programme "Hell's Kitchen" Gordon Ramsay told me to "get my finger out because I had the opportunity to become one of the best artisan bakeries in the UK because my products were so good"  My coach helped me realise this goal. (more…)

Recruitment and Selection

The coaching relationship has helped me to have focus in my career decisions, improved my confidence in dealing with other people, and given me some really useful ideas to build my business. (more…)

Haulage & Distribution

My coach helped me realise that I have to take a step back and work on the company and its staff not work in the company.  I'm stronger, more focused and organised as a result. (more…)