Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am the Ology Coach based in Cornwall and if your business is based anywhere in the South West, I will be more than happy to help you with your improvement programme.

I’m a Chartered Manufacturing Engineer by profession, having studied Production Engineering and Management. I also have an MBA from one of the leading business schools in the UK. I have more than thirty years experience under my belt in both manufacturing industry and management consultancy. I have been a senior manager and an operations director and I have also been a project manager for various improvement projects. I have used many techniques for helping companies to effect a significant improvement in productivity and performance, and all this knowledge will be put at your disposal when you choose to work with me.

I started life in Lancashire, where most of my family still live, and have found myself over the years living in Leicestershire, Hampshire, and Yorkshire before finally finding myself in the beautiful South West where I live at the moment with my family.

I have managed companies successfully for other people and I now run a successful business of my own. I enjoy the lifestyle changes it offers and the contrast with corporate life.

In my spare time I enjoy walking and cycling in the Cornish countryside and coastal areas and I also have an ambition to play single figure golf.

I would love to help you with the goals and issues you are currently facing both personally and with your business, and to work with you to move you to a better place.

My Mission

You know what? I have been involved in a lot of projects in my life. Most went well. Some went rather less well. Do you know what the difference is? Commitment. When someone is committed to a project or a goal, the project normally goes very smoothly and the desired results are achieved. If they are not, it won’t. Simple.

If you think you can do something, you can. If you think you can’t do something, you can’t. Both these statements are true. The difference is how you think. The individual with the positive mindset and the can do attitude will achieve more than his counterpart who does not have this frame of mind. I will help you to develop the right frame of mind and I will help you to think positively about improving your business and the rewards you personally derive from being part of it in your life.

Coaching is about developing helpful mindsets and also about setting realistic stretch targets for the improvement of your business, then developing the power and the commitment to achieve them. Then doing it all over again. Soon your performance will be a hundred times better than you ever thought possible and you will have brought this change about yourself. This is the power of coaching which I can bring to your business.

The ability to succeed is within yourself. I will draw out these hidden abilities within and help you apply them to achieve greater success for you, and for your business. We all have it within us to succeed; most of us need a little help and encouragement to identify and develop the right strategies to make it happen.

I am really excited about the power of coaching and believe it to be a genuine way for owners and managers of businesses of all sizes (Yes, I said ALL sizes) to make a real difference to the future of their business, their own personal future, and the future of their immediate families. It is the only approach I have come across which makes the link between the person and the business and strives to improve the whole, not just the hard figures in the business.

If your curiosity has been aroused and you think this might be for you, then give me a call. I will happily come and talk with you about how the Ology approach could help you and your business to achieve their goals.

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