“When I was involved in the TV programme “Hell’s Kitchen” Gordon Ramsay told me to “get my finger out because I had the opportunity to become one of the best artisan bakeries in the UK because my products were so good”  My coach helped me realise this goal.

Rather than telling me what they thought was best for my business the coaching approach is to empower me to get the very best out of my business. This really appealed to me.

By helping me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and using the professional business advice from my coach we were able to put a plan together to move the bakery forward and achieve my goals.

The coaching process has been excellent and I have felt in control throughout because I have made all the decisions albeit with guidance from my Coach.

There have been substantial positive changes in a number of different areas of my business over the last 12 months. I believe if it had not been for my coach I would be still thinking about what I could do rather than being in action.

I now have a far clearer view of my end game for my business and a clear detailed plan is in place to achieve this.

From a personal viewpoint I am now fully re-energised and have rediscovered all the original enthusiasm and drive I had to make this business a major success.”