Do you miss your sales targets consistently?    Do you have high sales targets and wonder how you are going to achieve them?

Research has identified Five Mission Critical Selling Skills that you, as a sales professional, must master to effectively move beyond your current boundaries and to achieve your sales goals. These include:


As a professional salesperson, the first mission critical skill that must be mastered is the capability of effectively laying out a plan to accomplish your set objectives. With increasing competition and changing economy, you are being forced to become more effective and productive than ever before.

  • You can’t manage time – you can only manage yourself.
  • Focus and concentrate on results – not on being busy.

The current economic environment has put excessive pressure on Sales Teams in all companies making it harder to develop new business. Winning sales people appreciate that effective business development requires a well thought out strategy.  An effective business development strategy calls for clearly targeting and identifying:

  • Whom to go after?
  • What is the plan for how to get to them?
  • What are the strategies for achieving your stated goal?
  • What actions, tasks, efforts must be taken to execute your strategies?
  • Do you execute as planned?

All professionals complete some form of diagnosis and questioning before helping their clients. The best sales people are the ones that have both the desire and the skill to determine what the potential customer wants and needs and have the skills to match such to a set of potential solutions.

In today’s highly competitive business economy it is becoming increasingly common to sell to multiple rather than single decision makers as more people become involved in the buying process. Your sales process must therefore be to engage and apply to each key individual in order for them to feel convinced that they should give you their support when it comes time for the group to make a decision.

Reaching agreement is a critical selling capability in the sales process and includes the following key elements:

  • Resolving Concerns: Top sales people consider concerns and objections raised by the customer as an opportunity to gather more data about their issue.
  • Negotiating: Being an effective sales negotiator begins with your first contact with your customer or prospect.
  • Reaching an agreement: Assuming you have laid the groundwork correctly during the sales process then “closing the sale” becomes a mere formality as opposed to a difficult affair for both parties.
  • Implementation Plan: Find out when your customer needs the product or service you are selling and then work back from that date to make a case for why closing now is important.
  • Follow Up: Efficient follow-up demonstrates that both you and your company really care about ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Referrals: Every salesperson knows that one of the most effective ways to grow their business is through referrals and if you provide good products or services that people need, they tell others of their experience.

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