When co-workers admit their mistakes, does it make you more likely to trust them?

The answer according to our survey is ….84% of co-workers are more likely to trust someone if they admit to making mistakes.

So why do people not admit to their mistakes? Usually because it is a sign of weakness not strength and people will politically use someone’s weakness against them instead of supporting them. Political behavior in an organization wastes time and money but people have a desire for self-preservation.

Does this happen in your company?

Does your team trust one another? Are they able to engage in open discussions about concepts and ideas without fear of being judged? Like a marriage trust on a team is never complete it must be maintained over time. Trust and respect are the foundation stones of any relationship

People must make themselves vulnerable to each other to develop trust, they must own up to skills deficiencies, inter personal shortcomings, making mistakes, ask for help. It is vulnerability based trust that is the foundation of a cohesive team that will deliver the best results.

In building trust we create a safe place to talk about some very important interpersonal differences.

When you have a foundation of trust on a team everyone can engage in healthy debate and conflict. Resulting in a constructive debate around ideas not a negative moaning session.


  1. When you have the foundation of trust in a team everyone can engage in constructive debate- this is very healthy.
  2. Members admitting mistakes and asking for help- shows vulnerability.
  3. Vulnerability Trust is the heart of a functioning team. Like a marriage trust on a team is never complete it must be maintained over time.


How much do you really know about your team members?

My  next mailer will be on healthy conflict within a team.